February 09, 2013

BlackBerry stops selling handsets in Japan

BlackBerry said they wonft sell its new BlackBerry 10 handsets in Japan, in blunt acknowledgement that competitor Apple is beating them on sales and grabbing up market shares.

According to The Nikkei, BlackBerry used to have around 5% of the Japanese market for smartphones, but that figures has slumped to 0.3%. In the six month to September last year, the number of smartphones sold in Japan grew 40% to around 14m, but BrackBerry sold fewer than 100,000.

The company confirmed to pull its new models from Japan, but hinted a possibility of a future entry to that market.

(February 2013)
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January 29, 2013

Twitter Is The Most Popular Social Media For Japanese Youth

2013012902.JPGA survey showed that 42.5 percent of 19 to 20-year-old Japanese youth prefer the social media website Twitter over other networking sites, such as Facebook. The survey was conducted under of three online companies.

According to the survey, Twitter is popular both of younger users and old users, who use it for business and news purposes. The Japanese language is said to be the second most popular in the social networking site.

The second preferable social media was Line. Line is a popular group chat platform in Japan and owned by a South Korean company.

The survey was done online from December 19 to 25 among 766 respondents.

(PC World, January 2013)
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January 06, 2013

Web Brand Survey of Japanese Web Sites

Nikkei Business Consulting released gWeb Brand survey, autumn-winter 2012h on December 21, 2012. The survey was conducted by the company in October, 2012.

According to the survey, Rakuten Market got the first place (120.7 point). Amazon.co.jp (116.9 points) and Yahoo! Japan (116.4) followed the web site. The survey evaluated web sites by userfs satisfaction and support rate.

The top 10 rank is as follows:

1. Rakuten Markt (120.7)
2. Amazon.co.jp (116.9)
3. Yahoo! Japan (116.4)
4. Google (105.1)
5. Kakaku.com (92.5)
6. EC Navi (86.9)
7. Suntory (84.7)
8. Wikipedia (81.6)
9. YouTube (80.1)
10. ANA ticket reservation site (75.1)
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May 16, 2012

Smartphone Targets at Senior Market

20120516.jpgNTT Docomo announced its new smartphone for senior segment which was planned to be released this summer. This smartphone, named "Rakuraku smartphone", has a special touch panel which vibrates when touched in order to avoid operation mistakes. It also shows larger characters and icons on the screen. NTT Docomo set its charge for data communication at 2,980 JPY a month, which is less than that of normal smartphone.
Senior market, which usually means market for people aged more than 60 years old, gets the attention in Japan during economic recession. People in this segment are said to spend 101 trillion JPY annually, which account for 44% of total Japanese spending.

May 16, 2012 jiji.com
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May 11, 2012

NEC Lenovo Increased Domestic Shipment in Japanese Computer Market

20120511.pngThe industry leader, NEC Lenovo, steadily increased its market share in 2011 according to the statistic report about domestic computer shipments released by MM Research Institute, a Japanese research company specialized in the IT field.
The statistics showed NEC Lenovo shipped 3,982,000 computers and achieved 26.0% of the domestic market share. The number of the shipment and the market share increased 8.1% and 0.7 points, respectively year-on-year. The company is targeting at 30% of the market share taking advantage of its large scale obtained by the merger.
Apple, which moved up to the seventh of the market share, shipped 755,000 computers and expended its market share to 4.9%, which is 0.8 point increase from the last year. The company took advantage of data-link between its popular smartphone and computer and especially increased its share in general consumer market.
The total amount of shipment in the domestic market was 15,294,000 (5.0% up) and top8 companies except for Dell and Acer increased the shipment.

(May 11, 2012, SankeiBis)
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