February 08, 2013

Japanese new bullet train N700A to debut

The new N700A Shinkansen bullet train will go into service between Tokyo and Osaka on Feb 8.

This new train is equipped with an advanced speed control system that allows it to run at the maximum appropriate velocity on any given section of track, including curves and inclines. Its maximum speed remains 300 kph, the same as the previous N700 model. The operator of the train, Central Japan Railways Co., seems to shift its long running innovation priority from higher speed to a shorter braking distance so that trains can better respond to major earthquake.

The letter gAh of N700A sands for gadvanced.h

(February 2013)
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January 22, 2013

Travel Agencies Focus On Affluent Senior Customers

Japanese travel agencies are targeting on elderly customers in front of retirement of baby boomers at 65 years old this year. Those agencies are setting up special windows and developing package tours for elders.

JTB, one of the Japanese major travel agency, renovated and re-opened a special store for elderly and affluent customers, Royal Road Ginza. The store offers high-end package tours priced a few hundred thousand JPY.

ANA Sales which is sponsored by the major airline company, Air Nippon Airways, released a new tour brand, gANA wonder earthh, for elderly customers. The agency is offering long-term tours of overseas cultural assets or great outdoors for energetic elder customers. It said that sales increased by more than 20% from the last year.

Nippon Travel Agency decided to focus on elderly customers in their new medium-term management plan. The agency plans to double the sales target of related products.

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December 19, 2012

Hokkaido is More Famous than Kyoto?

A research conducted by Development Bank of Japan revealed that Hokkaido is more famous than Kyoto or Okinawa among Asia.

About 4,000 people who have overseas travel experience in Asian countries (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia) answered their recognition about Japanese prefectures, cities, areas, and 44 seeing spots.

The most popular location was Tokyo (76%) and Mt. Fuij (75%) and Osaka (69%) followed it. Hokkaido got 66% of recognition while Okinawa, Japanese popular resort area, was 54%.

The recognition ranking is as below:

1. Tokyo
2. Mt. Fuji
3. Osaka
4. Hokkaido
5. Kyoto
6. Nagoya
7. Kobe
8. Okinawa
9. Sapporo
10. Hiroshima
11. Nagasaki
12. Kyushu
13. Fukuoka/ Hakata
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May 14, 2012

Chinese tourists spends their money on electronics products and cameras

20110514.pngChinese tourists were the largest spenders for Japan. Chinese tourists, ranked as the largest spender, spent 196.4 billion JPY in Japan in 2011 and the amount accounted for almost a quarter of the total spending by foreign tourists, according to a survey from Japan National Tourism Organization.

In terms of the numbers of visitors, Koreans were the largest visitors of 1.66 million people. Chinese visitors were 1.04 million people, but they purchased a lot of cameras, electric products, and real estates.

The total amount of spending from foreign tourists was 813.5 billion JPY in 2011. It was 30% decline from the previous year mainly because of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

In terms of the amount spent per person, Russian was the top of 213,000 JPY. Australian (198,000 JPY) and Chinese (188,000 JPY) followed the Russian.

The organization collected answers from more than 7,000 foreign tourists every three month and estimated the yearly amount.

May 3, 2012 Nikkan sports
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