January 28, 2013

Japanese Social-game Market Size Will Be 425.6B JPY In 2013

Yano Research Institution released forecast of Japanese social game market which was compiles from November to December in 2012. The institution conducted face-to-face and telephone interviews and e-mail questioning on social application providers, game publishers/developers, and online game companies for the forecast.

The forecast said domestic social game market in Japan continues to grow and the market size will be 387B JPY (137% increase year-on-year) in 2012 and 425.6B JPY (110% increase) in 2013.

This new industry still have some problems such as some illegal game schemes called comp-gacha, illegal copy of game items, and large billings to teenagers. However, companies are working together to solve those problems.

As challenges of the industry, the forecast report cites transfer of the game platform to smart-phones and expansion toward overseas.

(Mynavi January 2013)
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December 09, 2012

Nintendo released “WiiU” hoping sales recovery

December092012.jpgNintendo released “WiiU”, a new video game console, in Japan. The company hopes sales recovery of the video game console market in Japan, facing the year-end sales battle.

WiiU is the successor to the Wii, which recorded 100 million sales globally since it went on the market six years ago. On its controller, WiiU has 6.2 inch LCD screen which projects the same video image as the monitor connected to the console. And players can control the game through the screen by their finger. The most reasonable set of WiiU is sold at 25,250 JPY.

Nintendo was in the deficit according to the statement of accounts in 2012. The sales of WiiU will have a large impact on the company’s future.

Recently, home-video-game manufactures in Japan has been struggling because of expansion of the smartphone and the tablet computer market.

(Yomiuri Shimbun)
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