January 26, 2013

Japanese Cosmetics Market Rebounded

Fuji Keizai revealed that facial-care product market in Japan rebounded 0.3% from the last year, reaching to 1.9516 trillion JPY (forcast). The company said the rebound was mainly because of cosmetics which account for 90% in the market. Facial-care product market includes cosmetics, OTC drugs, beauty equipments, and beauty goods.

The company also researched the facial-care product market by product concepts such as gcounter wrinkle/skin-sagh and gcounter spots/freckle.h Counter wrinkle/skin-sag products increased 2.3% from the last year, up to 500.2 billion JPY. Organic products (cosmetics) also increased 6.7% up to 15.9 billion JPY.

(Fuji Keizai January 2013)
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