March 06, 2013

Japan customs see record fake cases in 2012

Japan Customs saw the number of counterfeit cases rise 14.3 percent from a year before to a record 26,607 cases in 2012, the Finance Ministry has said.

Customs-seized fake goods totaled 1,117,592 items, up 53.5 percent. If genuine, the goods would be worth about 19.5 billion yen, the ministry said Friday.

Of the cases, Chinese exports accounted for 94 percent, up from the previous year's 91.2 percent and keeping the top share for the eighth straight year. China's share was only 7.9 percent a decade ago.

In 2012, Hong Kong and the Philippines followed with 2.7 percent and 1.2 percent shares, respectively.

Of the seized goods, medical products, including fake Viagra drugs, accounted for 390,000 items, up 7.3-fold from the previous year. Smartphone-related goods accounted for 63,000 items, up 2.2-fold year-on-year.

(March 3, 2013)
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